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Claus Meyer's Brownsville Project Faces Delays After Funding Issues

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The opening is now scheduled for winter

The opening of Claus Meyer's anticipated Brownsville project is delayed until winter, according to Grub Street. Known officially as the Brownsville Community Culinary Center & Neighborhood Eaterythe project (backed by Meyer's non-profit Melting Pot) has struggled over the last few months to raise funds. Meyer — the Danish superstar who co-founded Noma — has had success with New York projects Agern, Meyers Bageri, and the Great Northern Food Hall. Still, while Meyer was able to gather $1.1 million through the foundation, bringing in outside donations has proven difficult. Setbacks also occurred because Meyer and his partner Lucas Denton have been determined to consult with Brownsville community leaders at every step in the process. According to Grub Street, Meyer and Denton also went through six months of negotiations for the lease at 69 Belmont Avenue.

When it opens, Brownsville Community Culinary Center will be the only sit down restaurant in what is one of Brooklyn's poorest neighborhoods. Attached to the 45-seat restaurant will be culinary school offering free cooking classes to local residents; the team will also only employ those from the neighborhood. The Brownsville project mirrors Meyer’s La Paz, Bolivia project Gustu which employs and trains the local youth living in South America’s poorest country. Stay tuned for more news on the Brownsville project as it becomes available.