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Find Clinton and Trump-Themed Burgers at ‘Merica NYC

And Walker, Texas Ranger on loop

'Merica NYC

‘Merica NYC, the American-themed East Village restaurant with impeccable timing, is opening this weekend inside the former Zerza space. The restaurant is the latest concept for Zach Neil, whose other projects include the nearby Tim Burton-themed bar Bettle House, and the LES Will Ferrell shrine Stay Classy.

Neil and his partner Radouane Eljaouhari, who previously ran Zerza, are looking to make light of the current state of the Union. "We’re just trying to bring a little levity and humor into the world," Neil tells Pix11. "This place is for people who like to laugh and have a good time."

On the menu’s list of ‘Merica Burgers is a "T-Rump Mexi-Can Burger" that is a cow rump patty with half white American cheese and half Mexican pepper jack, separated by a wall of ingredients. Showing zero signs of partisanship, there is a Hillary Burger (basically a double bacon cheeseburger) known affectionately as the "100 calorie lie." Non-burger American menu items include the "W," which is a pulled pork and Buffalo chicken sandwich; a Philly cheesesteak; and five different types of grilled cheese.

The space at 320 East Sixth Street has traded in velvet booths and Moroccan lamps for a not-so-subtle red, white, and blue interior complete with rifles, taxidermy, and NASCAR and war memorabilia. There’s a TV in the back playing episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger on loop, too. 'Merica NYC will be open Tuesday through Sunday when it opens tomorrow, October 15. If you happen to stop by, please please let us know what you think.