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Pasta Master Michael White Is Launching a New Delivery-Only Restaurant

Pasta On Demand’s food will come from Ristorante Morini’s kitchen

Ristorante Morini
Ristorante Morini, Altamarea Group’s Upper East Side restaurant
Daniel Krieger

The onslaught of top chefs looking to rake in delivery business continues as chef Michael White plans to debut a new restaurant with food that can only be ordered for delivery — this time focused solely on pasta. Altamarea Group has partnered up with UberEats to launch Pasta On Demand, a new menu of pastas that can only be eaten in your home. Starting next Monday, diners will be able to order from it only on the UberEats app. Pasta On Demand will be coming out of White’s upscale Upper East Side restaurant Ristorante Morini. More info will come out later this week about the menu and price points.

White’s already dipped his toe into the delivery-only sphere with his steakhouse Costata. The group closed a brick-and-mortar outpost of the Soho steakhouse after three years in business. CFO Arthur Li previously told Eater that they didn’t want to lose the $2,000 to $3,000 a week they got in delivery orders, and Osteria Morini’s kitchen was nearby and big enough to handle more orders each week. Many of the people who were ordering delivery hadn’t been going to the brick-and-mortar location, anyway. "For them, it doesn’t matter whether we have a restaurant or not," he previously explained. "As long as we’re available online, it works for them." Costata can only be ordered on Caviar.

But the Uber relationship is different, and it's the first time White's offering a menu for delivery only without a built-in brick-and-mortar audience. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Ristorante Morini

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