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Mifune New York to Bring High End Japanese and Sushi to Midtown East

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High powered Japanese chefs from Tokyo and Paris will attempt to make their mark on NYC

Mifune New York is an ambitious Japanese restaurant and sushi bar currently under construction in Midtown East. Named after actor Toshiro Mifune (The Seven Samurai) the cuisine will be modern Japanese. Upstairs there will be a 44 seat main dining room along with an eleven person grill counter. Downstairs there will be a sushi bar for eight guests along, a with a semi private table of four, along with a series of semi-private dining rooms with seating for an additional 32 people.

The menu in the main dining room has been drafted by Japanese chef Hiroki Yoshitake, of Michelin-starred restaurant Sola in Paris. It will feature Japanese recipes using local ingredients. A place holder menu, which is obviously subject to change, on the restaurant's website lists dishes like chawanmushi with cold sea urchin, and foie gras pickled in sweet Saikyo miso, as well as a selection of tempura and sushi. The grill at the front of the restaurant will offer counter service and feature Miyazaki wagyu beef. A chef de cuisine will be named in the near future.

While there will be a la carte sushi in the main dining room, the sushi bar downstairs will be an omakase-only affair with an estimated $200 starting point, price also subject to change. The sushi chef will be Shion Uino, currently chef of Sushi Saito, the three Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan, and widely considered one of the top restaurants in the country. Uino has seven years of experience at Sushi Saito. He will be moving to NYC permanently.

Mifune New York is located on East 44th Street and is expected to open in early December, 2016. Check back for updated looks at the menu and dining room.

Update: Management has pushed back opening date until January, 2017.

Mifune New York

245 E 44th St, New York, NY 10017, USA