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Noho French Sleeper Le Philosophe to Close This Weekend

The team is planning a new restaurant in this space.

[The dining room at Le Philosophe]
[The dining room at Le Philosophe]
Daniel Krieger

After service on Saturday, Amadeus Broger will shutter his Noho French restaurant, Le Philosophe. Broger and his team are not leaving the space entirely, though. In the spring the restaurant will reopen with a new identity, although no word yet on what type of food it will serve. In a message about the closure, the management notes: "We plan to re-open in the same location this spring with a new concept that we think will be really exciting."

Le Philosophe opened in November 2012 with a menu of brasserie classics from Jean-Georges veteran Matthew Aita. The restaurant received generally favorable reviews from the critics. In his Voice assessment, Sietsema remarked that "the restaurant's greatest contribution to contemporary dining might be in making you feel comfortable with a French wine list." Aita left last year to open Food & Wine's Chef's Club. Last spring, Broger opened another French restaurant, L'Antagoniste, in Bed-Stuy.

Stay tuned for more details on the future of the space as they become available.