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Hearth Reopens Tonight with Marco Canora's Health-Conscious Menu

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He's going "offal strong."

The bar at Hearth
The bar at Hearth

Last week, chef Marco Canora temporarily closed his acclaimed East Village restaurant Hearth to make some tweaks and upgrades to the menu. Tonight, Hearth reopens with a health-conscious menu that has more offal, more vegetables, and hand-milled flour. Canora changed his diet a few years ago after a personal health crisis, eating fewer processed flours, sugar, and oils. Hearth's new menu largely reflects the chef's new philosophy on eating, which focuses on meals with nutrient-dense foods and ingredients without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Hearth's new menu wants you to know where it's coming from — one page is entirely dedicated to touting Canora's new line of thought, with phrases like "you are what you eat ate" and "fat is a major food group." Under "Offal Strong," a phrase written in cursive, the menu says: "when the cheetah takes down the gazelle, the first and only thing it eats are the guts! It realizes where the biggest bang for the buck lies in terms of nutrients."

As such, the menu has a section dedicated to offal, including a burger with brisket, chuck, heart, and liver, and a vegetable section with with nine options, including a carrot and beet tartare. Some of Canora's popular broths are also offered. For those looking for old Hearth, a few of Canora's hearty Italian dishes remain — just with flour that's been milled in-house. Take a look at the full menu below, available starting Friday night.


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