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Things You Find at Nishi: A Mathematically-Inspired Woodcut From a Dutch Legend

Instead of the hand drawing a hand, Chang opts for "Sky & Water."

Momofuku's new Chelsea restaurant, Nishi, opens tonight with a no-tipping policy and a menu that includes Korean and Italian influences, plus meat dishes inspired by Chinese barbecue. And now, one hour after the major announcement, David Chang shares some information about the artwork that hangs on the walls of Nishi. This restaurant does not have any photos of The Band or John McEnroe. No paintings from Wes Anderson films. No graffiti. Instead we get an M.C. Esher print and artwork by David Choe.

Will the bathroom have a small collection of cookbooks? And if so, which ones? Will the iPod have Guns & Roses? Pavement? The Kinks?!? Will diners get forks for the cacio e pepe? Or chopsticks?  Or both? Or spoons? Or sporks?! Stay tuned for answers to these questions and many more in the coming days.