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David Chang-Backed Delivery Start-Up Maple Is Launching in Midtown on Wednesday

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$12 flat rate lunches come to Midtown.


Maple, the delivery start-up that counts David Chang as an investor, is bringing its chef-designed packaged meals to Midtown. The app, which is not connected to a specific restaurant, launched last spring and has been expanding its delivery zone, initially limited by where its neighborhood kitchens were located. On Wednesday, Maple will add service to the area from 42nd Street to 14th Street, between Eighth Avenue and Park Avenue. A daily rotating menu of dishes will be available for delivery both in Midtown and below 14th Street by ordering through Maple's website or apps.

The start-up received a lot of attention when it launched after getting $22 million in venture capital funding and signing on chefs like Dan Kluger, Mark Ladner, and Brooks Headley for input on the menu. Maple offers limited edition desserts for delivery from Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi and Ample Hills ice cream as well.

Only a few items are on the the food menu each day, with the idea that it's food people will want to eat every day. Wednesday's launch menu includes pepper shrimp, a turkey cobb salad, and cumin-roasted chicken breast for lunch; and port-glazed roasted lamb, barbecued chicken, and garlic herb beef for dinner. Lunch costs a flat rate of $12, while dinner costs a flat rate of $15 — tip and delivery included.

The chef making the straightforward, day-to-day menus is Soa Davies, who previously worked at Le Bernardin. Delivery is supposed to arrive within half an hour. Reviews for the food are fairly positive, though it may depend on what you order. New York's Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite found seafood dishes and sandwiches to be a highlight but beef to be on the chewy side. Have you tried the service? Let us know what you think.


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