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Chick-fil-A is Open Again After Closing to Correct Health Code Violations

The popular fried chicken sandwich shop shut down voluntarily last Wednesday.

Justen Fox

NYC's first Chick-fil-A reopened for business Tuesday morning after closing to correct health code violations, including fruit flies, cold food temperatures, and dirty cleaning cloths. The nearly 60 violation points from the Department of Health warranted a C grade. It was not enough to force a shutdown, but the popular Southern fried chicken sandwich chain chose to close anyway, according to the company. "Closing the restaurant voluntarily has allowed us the time to make facility and procedural changes that will better meet the needs of serving our guests while operating in a very busy urban environment," the company's statement says.

The restaurant, at 37th Street and Sixth Avenue, originally posted a sign to its door saying that it would reopen on January 4th. It took an extra day to continue working on violations, according to the company. Work included retraining the employees, mitigating the fruit fly situation, cleaning the restaurant, and hiring consultants to do independent inspections. On Tuesday morning, people could be seen ordering food inside, and it was just as busy as it usually is before the lunch rush. The health grade outside says "grade pending" — a sign that Chick-fil-A is likely appealing the DOH grade after making upgrades.

Chick-fil-A Photo by Serena Dai

Chick-fil-A on Tuesday, Jan 5

Justen Fox contributed to this report.