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Claus Meyer's Bakery Pop-Up, Mission Chinese's All-Star Buffet, and More Intel

Brooklyn is losing a White Castle,, plus more restaurant news from around YNC.

[The counter at Shuko]
[The counter at Shuko]
Daniel Krieger

— Danish superstar restaurateur Claus Meyer is planning a Saturday-only pop-up version of his bakery Meyer’s Bageri inside Williamsburg's Margot Patisserie. The menu will include cinnamon buns, whole wheat loaves, and rye bread. Later this year, Meyer will open a permanent location of the Danish bakery inside his highly-anticipated Nordic food market in Grand Central Terminal. Flo Fab also notes that in the spring, Meyer's bakery will "also take over Margo Patisserie full time." Stay tuned for more details on Meyer's bakery and its Williamsburg sibling as they become available.

Borough Park's White Castle is slated to be demolished to make way for a five building development. No word yet on just when, exactly, it will close.

— The Cecil's Alexander Smalls explains why his restaurant's menu focuses on foods of the African diaspora: "It’s always been a rallying cry for me....The idea that black folks cooking are only making soul food is frightening. What we have to say is much bigger than that. It’s our job to expand the conversation. People need to be enlightened."

— Restaurateur Joseph Marazzo is planning a new outpost of his wine bar Virgola at 211 Avenue B. The original Virgola is on Greenwich Avenue, and Marazzo also operates a relatively new location of the restaurant at 111 East 7th Street. EV Grieve notes that Marazzo also plans to open a Virgola in Ormond Beach, Florida.

— Mission Chinese Food is planning an all-you-can-eat Chinese New Year buffet on February 8 with special dishes by Sqirl's Jessica Koslow and Tartine's Chad Robertson, among others. Portions of the proceeds will go to benefit the Bowery Mission.

North Brooklyn business owners, restaurateurs, politicians, and developers have formed a group called the The L Coalition, with the goal of tackling the problems related to the potential L-Train shutdown. The group has requested to meet with an MTA official tomorrow evening. Earlier this month, the MTA mentioned that the L-train needed repairs, and long shutdowns were possible, although no official plan has been released yet. Brooklyn Bowl proprietor Charley Ryan tells DNAinfo: "Once the lid is off they really have to step up to the plate and say something...The longer they wait and not release an official press statement, the worse this will be."

26 lingerie models have filed a suit against the proprietors of New York-area strip clubs Stiletto, Lace, and Diamond Club Gentleman's Cabaret over the unlicensed use of their images in promotional materials. Last year, Stiletto tweeted a photo of one of the models, a Playboy playmate named Brooke Taylor, with the message: "Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Stiletto! Come grab yourself a girlfriend tonight."

Whynot Coffee had its beer and wine license taken away last year after the operators failed to adhere to stipulations outlined by the SLA. Now the team is re-applying for a beer license.

In a City Council Health Committee hearing yesterday, Deputy Health Commissioner ­Sonia Angell argued that it would be impossible for McDonald's to comply with proposed nutritional restrictions on Happy Meals. Angell also argued that the city would have a tough time enforcing the new rules, which would limit Happy Meals to having less than 500 calories and 600 grams of sodium. The Post notes that the bill was first pitched in 2011, and McDonald's has spent more than half a million dollars trying to block it.

— A former employee of Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Greenpoint is suing the bakery for allegedly stiffing him on overtime wages.

— Former Top Chef contestant Adam Harvey is planning to open a coffee shop/restaurant/butcher shop in Gowanus this summer called A & E Supply Co.

— And finally, here's how to make soup dumplings like Red Farm's Joe Ng: