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'Basquiat Burger' Restaurant PYT Vanishes After Three Months

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The Philly burger import is gone in a flash.

Nick Solares

One of the fall's most anticipated casual restaurants belly flopped in a big way. The stunt burger specialists behind Philadelphia's PYT closed their Bowery restaurant after three months in business. Last week, PYT was dark and a sign in the window explained that the team was "working on the back room." But now a "for rent" banner hangs in the window of the restaurant and the space next door.

PYT had an 80s arcade theme and a menu that included off-the-wall burgers like a patty dressed with pizza toppings, and another served between doughnuts. PYT also served a $64 "Basquiat Burger" made with meat from Japanese Premium Beef around the corner.

The Basquiat Burger
Nick Solares

The restaurant also had an awkward symbiotic relationship with Giulio Adriani's Neapolitan pizzeria SRO — the door to the "pizza speakeasy" was hidden behind a video game cabinet in the dining room. PYT shared a storefront with SRO's slice shop, Bowery Pizza, but the counter closed at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully, the next tenant will not be a restaurant, because this space is now officially doomed for dining. Since Giulio Adriani took over the storefront in 2011, it has housed Forcella, SRO, A Slice of Naples, Espoleta, Bowery Pizza, Gia Trattoria, and PYT.