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Mayor de Blasio: Restaurants Should Close Because of the Snowstorm

Mayor de Blasio wants everyone to go home

During a news conference this afternoon, Mayor de Blasio said that restaurants should close because of the blizzard, and employers should let their staff go home.  A travel ban goes into effect at 2:30 p.m. The mayor said that anyone found driving on the roads after that time would be "subject to arrest."  The travel ban will remain in effect "until further notice." Governor Cuomo announced that above-ground portions of the subway would close at 4 p.m., including above-ground stations. Later today, Cuomo's office will release a map showing where the trains will stop. MTA bus service was cancelled at noon.

So far, the blizzard has dumped 17 inches of snow on New York, and another dozen or so are expected by tomorrow morning.  Winds are gusting at around 40 miles per hour in some parts of the city.

Many restaurants chose to open for business as usual today.  All of Danny Meyer's restaurants offered to waive corkage this afternoon, and Superiority Burger even opened a few hours earlier than usual.  But now, it's time to wrap things up. If you're a diner, this is a great time to go to the grocery store and find something to cook.  Don't expect to eat out or order from Seamless tonight.

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