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Meat and Three at Fuku+, the Return of Lucy's, and More Intel

The Provocateur team opens a new club, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

The Camlin in Williamsburg
The Camlin in Williamsburg
Daniel Krieger

East Village dive Lucy's is back in action after a two and a half week break. The bar takes a few sporadic breaks every year, but some neighbors were worried this time because a "closed until further notice" sign was hanging on the door. The owner had to go to Poland for family business.

Michael Satksy and Brian Gefer, the guys behind Provocateur, are opening a new nightlife venue this weekend in the West 28th Street space that formerly housed Club Shadow. Satsky and Gefer tell Page Six that Flash Factory will have a "festival" environment with "techno and live indie music."

— The Theater District location of Shake Shack closed for a revamp earlier this week, but it's slated to reopen today at 11 a.m. Here's the sign in the window:

A tipster that walked by yesterday said that it "looked like most of the kitchen was in the dining room."

— The menu at Fuku + in Midtown includes new dishes like smoked trout dip and tater tots. Also, David Chang & Co. are experimenting with "meat and three" meals:

A photo posted by Mike Chau (@mikejchau) on

As Chang fanatics may recall, the chef instantly fell in love with meat and three-style service after visiting Arnold's Country Kitchen in Nashville, TN with Sean Brock about a year and a half ago. After his first meal there, Chang wrote on Instagram that he wanted "to try and open up a hot shoppe / buffet / meat +3 / cafeteria kind of place here in NYC." Traditional meat and three meals are typically more generously portioned than what's pictured above.

The coffee shop/barber shop from Sweet Chick's John Seymour is going to be called Ludlow Coffee Supply/Ludlow Hair Supply. It's slated to open in the old Pink Pony space at 176 Ludlow on February 19.

— Four new vendor stalls opened earlier this week inside Chelsea Market: Lilac Chocolates, Cappone's Salumeria, Davidovich Bagels, and halva specialist Seed+ Mill. Reader Alyse sends in a few photos of the new stalls, up and running:

These vendors are situated in the space that previously housed Ruthy's Cafe. Later this year, this section of the market will also get a Berlin Currywurst stall, a pizzeria called Filaga, and an outpost of Philly hot spot Dizengoff.

— Ligaya Mishan visits Pravue Cafe, an Albanian restaurant in Ridgewood: "Among the family recipes is grosh, a dense soup of red kidney beans steeped for hours with smoked beef prosciutto from a halal Albanian butcher in Brooklyn. The meat, close to burgundy in color, is jerkylike in funkiness of flavor but more submissive in texture, and a distant cousin of bresaola from across the Adriatic Sea in Italy."

— Former Times critic Mimi Sheraton loves Upland:

— And speaking of Upland, the restaurant is now offering family-style four-course prix fixe meals in its downstairs PDR on Tuesday nights. This month, Justin Smillie is serving things like winter greens, cassoulet, baked pastas, and roasted rabbit. Reservations can be made by emailing the restaurant.

Murray's Cheese Bar is now offering a 10-course cheese-centric tasting menu for $75. A recent meal included a trio of curd dishes, a fondue course, ravioli with dough made of mozzarella, and a cheesy pot pie.

— And finally, here's a look at how the Super Taste team makes hand-pulled noodles: