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Farm-to-Table Asian Restaurant The Lucky Bee Opens Tonight

The restaurant will open without gas.

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[The bar at The Lucky Bee]
[The bar at The Lucky Bee]
The Lucky Bee

Tonight, restaurateur Rupert Noffs and former Fat Radish sous chef Matty Bennett are planning to open The Lucky Bee, a new farm-to-table Asian restaurant on Broome Street. Bennett's menu is broken into three sections and is designed for sharing. Dishes include red curry beef cheek, coconut braised beef short ribs, and Szechuan chicken wings. However, until the gas is turned on, the restaurant will be serving a simplified "opening menu" prepared solely on induction burners, says Noffs.

The restaurant has 50 seats but its main feature is the sprawling pink bar situated in the center. To keep with its locally-sourced theme, Noffs decorated the space with items he found within a three-block radius of The Lucky Bee. Pending approval from their landlord, the partners hope to someday raise bees on the roof of 252 Broome Street. Check out the menu below, and let us know what you think if you stop by.

Lucky Bee Menutable 16.5x10.5in Bleed Updated by Eater NY