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Acme's Dining Room Gets a Refresh With Artwork by Close & Schnabel

The room is mostly the same but there is a lot of new artwork.

Here is a look inside the latest incarnation of Jon Neidich and Jean-Marc Houmard's Acme, which relaunched this week as a "contemporary bistro." Now the restaurant is offering a French and Italian-inspired menu from new chef Brian Loiacono. While the essential design of the room remains largely unchanged, the artwork is all new and focuses on local artists and a brighter color palate. Artist featured include Chuck Close, Robert Longo, Jean-Kallina, and Julian Schnabel. The team from MP Shift worked on the new branding for Acme — that's the crew that created the space at Tilda All Day. If you happen to stop by Acme 2.1 let us know what you think.


9 Great Jones Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 203-2121 Visit Website