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Via Carota Is Growing, Maybe Into Prepared Foods

Jody Williams and Rita Sodi may be selling prepared foods soon.

Daniel Krieger

Chef/restaurateurs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi have signed a lease for a small space next door to their hit Tuscan restaurant Via Corta, Grub Street reports. Williams envisions using the extra room for things like cookbook signings, distillery pop-ups, or selling prepared foods and condiments. It could be a place for semi-private dinners in the evening, as well. They're not sure exactly what it will be yet, but whatever the new space becomes, it will debut in the spring, along with new breakfast options at Via Carota "We have to see how it feels," Williams tells Grub Street.

Sodi and Williams impressed the critics with the opening of Via Carota. Eater's Robert Sietsema awarded it four stars last June, writing that the duo "knock it out of the park," and Pete Wells gave the restaurant two stars in a review where he praised them for "cooking deeply appealing food." They're not calling the new space "an expansion," but it is a way for them to do more. "We're just sort of spreading out," Williams says.

Via Carota

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