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UWS Residents Claim Seamless/GrubHub Workers Are Violating City Regulations

Neighbors are not happy with the delivery service.

[Delivery worker]
[Delivery worker]
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Members of the Upper West Side's Community Board 7 allege that food delivery services Seamless and GrubHub are violating New York City regulations by handing out branded vests to delivery workers. Currently, restaurant owners are required by the Department of Transportation to provide their delivery workers with vests that clearly display the restaurant's information as well as identification numbers for the employees. The new vests however, decked in Seamless and GrubHub logos, make it impossible for neighbors to trace delivery workers back to local restaurants to report any issues or violations.

At a CB7 meeting last Wednesday, board members voiced concerns for safety in their community and announced plans to work with Seamless and GrubHub to get them to comply to regulations, DNAinfo reports. "It's crazy. There has to be a number, there has to be contact information," one board member remarked. Meanwhile, Seamless and GrubHub both owned by GrubHub Inc. have begun contracting their own delivery workers that will deliver for multiple restaurants at a time. Meagan Jaglowski, a lawyer for GrubHub Inc., notes that these bikers will not comply with DOT regulations: "For our delivery service providers, since we’re not affiliated with any [one] restaurant, we wouldn’t be able to comply with that regulation."

UPDATE: A rep for Grub Hub sends along a statement:

Neighborhood safety is of the utmost importance to GrubHub. GrubHub restaurant partners are obligated to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and are responsible for ensuring that the drivers they engage to perform deliveries are operating in compliance with applicable laws. GrubHub is committed to working with restaurants to facilitate such compliance.

The independent contractors who carry out deliveries on behalf of GrubHub Delivery are also required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. GrubHub will continue to pursue ways to better educate these independent contractors on relevant laws and regulations in the evolving delivery environment and will terminate the contracts of those who do not abide by applicable laws.