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David Chang's Fuku Kicks Into Overdrive at Madison Square Garden Tonight

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This is David Chang's first foray into institutional dining.

MSG photo via Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
MSG photo via Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Fuku Sandwich by Solares

Fuku — the chicken sandwich restaurant that many New Yorkers love, and some New Yorkers love to hate — is expanding to Madison Square Garden TONIGHT. This is the third Fuku outpost that David Chang & the Momofuku Squad have opened in less than eight months.  According to the official Momofuku blog, Fuku at the Garden will offer the spicy fried chicken sandwich from the East Village original, plus fries and Milk Bar cookies.  The stand is located in the SAP Madison Concourse on the sixth floor. This is David Chang's first-ever stadium restaurant.

In other Fuku news, this thing is now available at Fuku + in Midtown: