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Lenox Lounge Space Hits the Market, Maple's David Chang Specials, and More Intel

The story behind the Chck'n Shack's name, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

[The dining room at Virginia's]
[The dining room at Virginia's]
Daniel Krieger

— The old Lenox Lounge space and an adjacent storefront are now on the market for $40,000 per month. The legendary Harlem establishment closed on New Year's Eve in 2012 after a landlord jacked the rent. Richie Notar planned to move in, but he changed his mind last year and found another space in the neighborhood for his forthcoming jazz club. Lenox Lounge's proprietor Alvin Reed stripped the space of its signage and iconic art deco details immediately after the club closed. Jeremiah Moss notes: "The Lenox Lounge is just another gutted storefront, another example of hyper-gentrification's 'high-rent blight.'"

— The Theater District Shake Shack location is closed till Thursday for some upgrades. This is one of the only outposts in the country that does not serve the new Chick'n Shack sandwich.

— And speaking of the Chick'n Shack, Eater reached out to Shake Shack's VP of marketing and communications, Edwin Bragg, about why the company changed the name from Chickenshack to Chick'n Shack — especially considering that the original title followed the naming convention established by the Shackburger and the Smokeshack. Bragg's explanation: "The naming convention really varies. Hence the Shack-cago Dog or the Surf ’n’ Shack. There’s also the Shack Stack. We landed on Chick’n Shack after the initial debut. We liked it more. Felt more Shake Shack. "

— From now through Friday, meal delivery service Maple is offering Momofuku-style specials created by David Chang and Christina Tosi. The lunch menu includes Korean tofu with kimchi brown rice, and a smoked kimchi brisket sandwich. For dinner, Maple is offering a "bibim quinoa bowl" and spicy rice cakes with sausage. Crack Pie slices, Milk Bar cookies, and Cake Truffles are available for dessert. David Chang is an investor in the company and he holds the title of "chief culinary officer." The Momofuku-esque specials are $13.50 for lunch and $16.50 for dinner — $1.50 more than the regular meals. Tax and tip are included.

— Question of the Day: If you make a reservation at a $100 + per head tasting menu restaurant, does the house reserve the right to give you the boot after two hours?

— Here's what the scene looked like outside Snowdays in the West Village on Saturday:

[Photo by Robert Sietsema]

Sietsema sends a dispatch: "Massive lines formed in front of the 7th Avenue South Snowdays, a shop specializing in Taiwanese-style shaved ices. The occasion was a meet and greet with Los Angeles Vietnamese/Russian pop phenomenon Gina Darling, a model, singer, and avid video game fan. The line stretched past Morandi and around the corner on Charles Street, and probably included an estimated 300 teens."

— Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich shop Hank's Juicy Beef is slated to open at 86 Chambers Street in March.

Five independent food shops tell Grub Street that sales of Mast Brothers Chocolate bars dipped following last month's couverture controversy. But a rep for the company says that online sales doubled during the last three weeks in December, and overall sales were up too.

— A new restaurant called Mighty Bowls is headed to the old Crif Dogs space on MacDougal Street. It describes itself as an "Asian kitchen."

— The Graffiti Room on Mott Street commissioned a David Bowie mural last week. The painting includes the restaurant's hashtag, and there's a podium in front of it so that people can take selfies.

— After dinner at Tao last week, Mick Jagger partied at Lavo across the street.

Bjorn Delacruz, the creator of Manila Social Club's $100 gold doughnut, argues that his dish is more than just a gimmick: "[W]hat we do here at the restaurant, it's more than glitz and glamour. It's really about the food and the people. I think we've achieved it with that."

— And finally, here's a look at how Myers of Keswick makes its Scotch eggs and pasties:

Gabriel Kreuther

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