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Nitehawk-Like Movie Theater With Restaurant Opening in Bushwick Today

You can order eight popcorns and a popcorn-fried oyster dish during the film.

Michael Tulipan for Syndicated

A movie theater and restaurant — with wait service during the film in the same vein as Nitehawk Cinema — is opening near the Morgan Avenue L stop on Friday. Syndicated, located at 40 Bogart St., is much smaller than Nitehawk with just one 50-seat theater. Its restaurant and bar is also just as big as the theater, with 70 seats in the restaurant and nearly 30 at the bar.

The chef, Bret Macris, has spent time at shuttered Los Angeles Italian restaurant Campanile and Rose Water in Brooklyn and is debuting with options like fried corned beef short rib, popcorn-fried oysters, tater tots topped with pulled pork, and duck confit nachos. Many of the appetizers can be ordered during the film, though larger items like burgers, lamb ribs, and salads can only be ordered in the restaurant.

Tickets for films are considerably cheaper than a typical movie theater at $3 for a single feature and $5 for a double feature. The new theater plans to screen recent independent films and classic films of the past, selected by managing partner Tim Chung, a former film location scout. It also plans to host special events, including a screening of the 2016 Oscar Shorts, film screenings followed by discussions, and double features with a high brow film and low brow film with similar themes. The next high brow-low brow double feature, on January 20th, shows David Bowie's "The Man Who Fell to the Earth" along with "Howard the Duck." The full schedule — and the full menu — can be seen on the Syndicated website.


Syndicate's theater