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New York Now Has a Restaurant Called Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash

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It serves Rice-A-Roni tacos.

[Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash]
[Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash]
Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash

A restaurant quietly opened not too long ago at 161 Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem called Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash. The taco restaurant is the latest venture for Brian Washington-Palmer, a former dancer who some people credit with giving the Harlem dining scene a boost when he opened his first restaurant Bleu Evolution in 1998. Washington-Palmer — born and raised in California — uses the menu at Sexy Taco as a nod to San Francisco street food. There's a "Mission Caesar salad" on the menu dressed with green goddess dressing, and a beef taco with Rice-A-Roni, two ingredients with ties to San Francisco. Also on the menu: sexy mac and cheese, a sexy "ta-cow" with seasoned ground beef, and nachos that, sadly, are not sexy.

According to Zagat, Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash gets its name from Claude McKay's novel "Home to Harlem" which refers to "dirty cash" being used for adult entertainment. No word yet on where the idea for sexy taco came from. Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash is currently open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and it offers an all-you-can-drink weekend brunch called the "Hooch Party."

Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash

161 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10026, USA

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