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Find Wood Fired Everything — Including Pizzas — at Laurent Tourondel's L'Amico

Tourondel is serving serious pizzas near Herald Square.

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Tomorrow night, chef Laurent Tourondel will open his new Italian-influenced American restaurant L'Amico in the northeast corner of the Eventi Hotel at 849 Sixth Ave. Tourondel's menu includes crostini, market-driven salads, pastas, pizzas, fish, and meat dishes, and many of the items are cooked in the open kitchen's handsome wood-burning ovens. Although this is not a pizzeria, per se, Tourondel says he did "a lot of research" at pizzerias in NYC and Europe before opening this restaurant. The chef explains:

I went around New York first, because New York is probably the best pizza, I would say. I went to Italy, I went to the south of France, I went to a bunch of places to see what was considered the best. I found different types of dough, and tried to analyze them and come up with my own dough.

The crust is super puffy with a good deal of char. These are not Neapotlian pies, proper, but they're in the same general pizza family. The space has a bar near the entrance with enough room for dining, and the main room has plenty of two-tops and four-tops, plus one big communal table over in the corner. Tourondel also operates The Vine, a wine bar that Gael Greene really digs next door.

Take a look around the space in the photos above, check out the menus below, and if you happen to stop by this weekend, let us know what you think.


Lamico Menu Dinner 090815 by Eater NY


Lamico Menu Lunch 082815 by Eater NY


Lamico Menu Dessert 090115 by Eater NY


849 Avenue of the Americas


Opens Tomorrow