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Reykjavík Star Gunnar Gíslason Is the Chef at Claus Meyer's Grand Central Restaurant

One of Iceland's most acclaimed chefs is coming to Midtown.

[Gunnar Gíslason in the field and later, with a beer.]
[Gunnar Gíslason in the field and later, with a beer.]
[Dill Restaurant/Facebook]

Gunnar Gíslason, the chef/restaurateur behind Dill in Reykjavík, Iceland, will be heading up the kitchen at Noma co-founder Claus Meyer's new restaurant in Grand Central Terminal.  Gíslason's restaurant has received numerous accolades since opening in 2010, and the chef published an acclaimed cookbook, North, last year. In an announcement about the hire, Meyer explains: "Gíslason’s curious nature, together with his love for reviving traditions, using old techniques and his eye for finding pristine products, fits perfectly with the vision of this restaurant."

At this new project, Gíslason will be cooking with former Acme chef de cuisine Joseph Yardley, and baker Rhonda Crosson, who previously worked for Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud. The new as-yet-untitled restaurant will be located inside Vanderbilt Hall, which is a part of GCT that has traditionally been home to a holiday market in the fall. Meyer is also opening a Scandinavian food hall across from this 100-seat resataurant. If everything goes according to plan, the new restaurant from Meyer and Gíslason and its accompanying food hall will open early next year.