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Spanish Roberta's Knock-Off Lacks All the Charm of the Bushwick Original

Step into the Bizarro World...

Facebook/Roberta's Spain

If you're going to whole-heartedly rip-off one of Brooklyn's most beloved restaurants, at least get some of the major details right. 24 inch pizzas? Blue shots? Mirrors and fluorescent lighting? In every possible way, "Roberta's Pizzeria Bar" is a crummy knock-off of the original. And the worst part is that the restaurant in Granada, Spain even stole the Roberta's artwork for its Facebook page:

Roberta's pizza master Anthony Falco explains: "We just found out about it. Haven't explored legal options yet. We are all just kind of laughing at the flagrancy. I mean the font they added saying pizza bar, is that Papyrus?! Also pizza looks horrendous."


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