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Michelin Madness: Atera and Marea Hold at Two; Single Stars for Piora, Luksus, The Breslin, and More

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Star updates from around NYC.

[Piora's Chris Cippolone and Simon Kim]
[Piora's Chris Cippolone and Simon Kim]

In just a few hours, the Michelin Guide will announce its full list of star ratings for New York City 2016. Chefs and restaurateurs that got their Michelin calls have been sharing their star counts on social media, although many heavy hitters — including Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud — have not received their notifications yet.  Boulud tells the Times: "I don't understand why they're doing this announcement tonight...Everyone in the restaurant business is better from 5 to 7, not at 8 o'clock."

A few updates on the star counts:

— Flo Fab reports that Atera, which switched chefs from Matthew Lightner to Ronny Emborg, receives two stars again this year.

— Marea also gets the same two-star rating that it received last year.

— Brushstroke holds at one star.

— April Bloomfield tweets that The Breslin gets one star this year, just like last year, but no word yet on whether or not The Spotted Pig retains its star.  The Pig has held onto that sparkler every year since the guide debuted in 2005...if it drops off the list, that is a major surprise.

— One star for Telepan:

— One star for Aureole:

— One star for Andanada on the Upper West Side:

— One star for Polo Dobkin's Meadowsweet in Williamsburg:

— One star for Piora in the West Village:

— And Luksus in Greenpoint also receives one star again this year:

Update: Casa Mono's Anthony Sasso sends word that his restaurant received a Michelin star.  This is the seventh year in a row that it has nabbed one sparkler. The chef notes: "I got the phone call, after missing the infamous 'NO CALLER ID' message twice this morning in the middle of brushing my teeth...."