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Hakata Tonton Takes a Break to Rebuild Kitchen While Owners Eye Boots & Saddle Space

Hakata is improving its kitchen right now, and the restaurant might expand into the space next door.


Acclaimed Japanese pork-focused restaurant Hakata Tonton is currently closed while the owners make some upgrades to the kitchen. The proprietors are also vying for the former Boots & Saddle space on Christopher Street, which sits directly behind the Japanese restaurant. It sounds like these two spaces would be connected. DNAinfo reports that members of the CB3 argued that this would be "essentially two different restaurants with the same kitchen." The team's plans for a bar could also get foiled by the "200 feet law," because there's a church across the street. The Hakata owners withdrew their application last week with plans to go and meet with a lawyer. Regardless of their plans for the Boots & Saddle space, the original Hakata Tonton dining room is slated to reopen this weekend, according to a Facebook post.