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7 Important Facts Gleaned From the Opening Day of Sadelle's

An everything bagel bomb went off in Soho today.

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[The Sadelle's print]
[The Sadelle's print]

Sadelle's — the most anticipated restaurant of fall 2015 — opened its bakery/appetizing counter today at 8 a.m. A steady steam of reports from readers has flowed into the Eater tipline ever since news first broke about the opening this morning. The shop is closed for the evening right now, with service resuming again tomorrow, but here are seven facts about the Major Food Group's newest:

1) Counter employees are wearing clean, crisp white coats and paper caps, with blue shirts and pink ties underneath. This is arguably a fiercer look than what the servers at Santina are rocking (pastel polos), but maybe not as cool as the Zac Posen tuxes at Carbone.  One Racked editor says they look like "World War II doctors," while another fashion critic quips that they resemble "scientists playing a game with hats on."

2) The Major Food all-stars were out in full effect on day one. Reader Mike notes: "All the Torrisi boys were there overseeing things and the seating area was closed off, with just some photographers and friends & family occupying a few tables."

3) The bagels are already flying off the shelves. Reader Bradley writes in:

Melissa Weller's bagels are strong AF. Opening day kinks made the wait pretty long; they were running out of bagels when I got there due to oven issues. But it was well worth it in the end. I ended up getting a salt & pepper bagel. Nice crunch on the shell / soft inside.

4) According to a menu posted on Yelp, the bistro in the back will offer seven salads — including Greek, lobster, and Cobb varieties — plus entrees like roasted chicken, Swedish meatballs, and grilled shrimp with coconut rice. Also: a full breakfast menu will be available in the morning, plus  four types of triple decker sandwiches in the afternoon.

5) New York's favorite restaurant-obsessed celebrity has already visited Sadelle's. A reader explains: "When I was waiting for my order, I spotted Aziz Ansari walk in."

6) It looks like the dining room has seating on at least three levels. The ground floor includes a monster marble table with seating for....15 people? 20 people? 25 people??! Lots of people.

7) The chocolate babka is already earning raves from diners, including food blogger/photographer extraordinaire Adam Goldberg:


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