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Michelin Madness: Semilla in South Williamsburg Receives One Star

The South Williamsburg newcomer charges just $85 for its vegetable-heavy tasting menu.

Daniel Krieger

Semilla, the white hot tasting menu spot by chefs Jose Ramirez-Ruiz and Pam Yung, has received a coveted Michelin Star, the restaurant tells Eater. The South Williamsburg newcomer, which sells an 11-course menu of vegetables seasoned with tiny bits of meat for $85, has been having a very very good year. It was named one of the country's best new restaurants this summer by both Eater's Bill Addison and by Bon Appetit. This critic, in turn, called Semilla America's "next great restaurant" in a four-star review, writing that Semilla's affordable excellence is "a sign that, despite food inflation or real estate costs, young chefs will find a way to express a singular and unwavering vision of gastronomy for a price that can attract many."

Michelin is currently calling up New York chefs that are the lucky recipients of these stars. The full list of winners will be unveiled at a gala in lower Manhattan tomorrow evening. If you hear about any other stars recipients, let us know.