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Pete Wells Finds Exceptional Chicken at Ned Baldwin and Adam Baumgart's Houseman

Two stars for the new American bistro.

Nick Solares

Pete Wells loves, LOVES the chicken at Ned Baldwin and Adam Baumgart's Houseman. In his experience, it was as good on three successive nights as it is "once out of every 50 attempts" at other restaurants. Wells also digs the goat sausage and the swordfish on the appetizer heavy, rotating menu, which he finds "occupied by things that I am always very interested in eating." While he chides the burger bun as substandard and lightly pans the limited main and dessert options, he concludes that "almost everything (is) cooked for a reason." The critic gives the restaurant two stars.


508 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 641-0654 Visit Website