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Talde Team Plans New Restaurant in Carrino Provisions Space This Fall

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Say arrivederci to the Jersey City Italian market from the Talde team.

Daniel Krieger

The new outpost of Talde is en fuego right now — it's one of the hottest Jersey City restaurants in recent memory. But its next door sibling, the market/restaurant known as Carrino Provisions, never quite took off in the same way, so co-owners David Massoni, Dale Talde, John Bush, Anthony Carrino, and John Colaneria are closing the space with plans to reopen it as a new project later this fall.

The team already shuttered the market section. Massoni tells Eater: "We are very proud of the Italian food and drink that we have been serving since day one, and will continue to operate Carrino as just a restaurant and bar over the next two weeks." Around October 8, the space will close for renovations. Five to ten days later, it will reopen as something totally different — new name, vibe, and menu. The Talde crew teamed up with the stars of Cousins Under Cover to open the Italian-themed market/restaurant back in January.

[Massoni, Talde, and Bush. Photo by Krieger]

In a statement about the revamp, Dale Talde remarks: "We are very excited about the new restaurant and hope that Jersey City will feel the same way! We've really come to love the neighborhood of Harsimus Cove and hope that our friends and guests come to love this new project as their new home away from home!!!" No word yet just what the theme or style of cuisine will be.

In other Talde news, the chef just released a new book called Asian American. Later this fall, Talde, Massoni, and Bush — who collectively lead the Three Kings Restaurant Group — will open a new location of Talde in Miami Beach.

Carrino Provisions

8 Erie St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (973) 988-2836