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Black Barn, Genuine Liquorette, Dos Caminos Times Square, and More Open

Yunnan Kitchen is now a restaurant called Yunnan BBQ, plus more intel on new openings around town.

Facebook/Dos Caminos

Gramercy: As you may recall, Tony May sold his fledgling Italian fine dining restaurant SD26 to John Doherty a few months ago, and he closed it for renovations. The space reopened last week as a totally new establishment called Black Barn, designed by co-partner Mark Zeff. The overall layout remains the same, but it's got a haute barnyard feel to it now. The old SD26 chef, Matteo Bergamini, is still running the kitchen, although now the menu includes things like an Amish chicken for $26, a Mangalitsa collar chop for $38, and heirloom beet risotto for $21. The front space also features an oyster bar. Status: Certified Open; 19 East 26th Street, 212-265-5959

Little Italy: The people from design firm/restaurant group AvroKo just launched a batshit crazy bar underneath their Little Italy burger joint Genuine Superette. This new booze lair — dubbed Genuine Liquorette — is lined with bottles that guests can purchase to drink with accompaniments for their table (customers will be charged based on "consumption per ounce"). The subterranean tavern also features a device called the "Cha-Chunker," which punches large holes inside of canned beverages so that mini bottles of liquor can be inserted in the top to make mixed drinks. This contraption is the brainchild of AvroKo head of bar operations Eben Freeman, who you might remember from The Butterfly and Tailor, before that. Status: Certified Open; 191 Grand Street, 646-726-4633,

Times Square: Earlier this month, BR Guest opened a 250 seat version of Mexican crowd-pleaser Dos Caminos in the W Hotel. The new restaurant takes over the old Whiskey Bar space and part of Blue Fin.  (That restaurant, by the way, is undergoing a revamp right now, but it's going to reopen next month.)  The new Dos Caminos was designed by HoMe, the hip Brooklyn-based studio that also created the dining rooms at Paulie Gee'sRebelle, and Ramona, among others. Ivy Stark's menu includes small plates and lighter dishes that have never been served at the Dos Caminos restaurants before. Stark also plans to grind her own nixtamal and make fresh tortillas in the restaurant. Status: Certified open; 1567 Broadway, 212-918-1330.

Lower East Side: Erika Chou and Doron Wong turned their Clinton Street restaurant Yunnan Kitchen into a new establishment specializing in family-style meat and fish dishes called Yunnan BBQ. The menu includes tea-smoked duck, pork ribs, and a half-fried chicken, plus fried rice, noodles, and market vegetable side dishes. The restaurant is also serving a "Shao Kao Shangri La" plate, which has pork belly, lamb meatballs, tiger prawns, beef short ribs, and seasonal vegetables for $45. Status: Certified Open; 79 Clinton St., 212-253-2527.

[Photos: Sonia Chopra]

East Village: A new cafe called The Coffee Project NY is now open on East Fifth Street. The menu includes espresso drinks, drip coffee, cold brew, an affogato, tea, and a Korean grain-based drink called misugaru. Wifi is coming soon. Status: Certified Open; 239 East Fifth St.; no phone yet.

Notice a restaurant that just opened in your own neighborhood? Send your info and photos to the tipline, and we'll spread the word.