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Papal Dining Updates: Fish & Rice for Dinner, Mystery Chefs, Seamless Adjustments

Your delivery orders might be affected by the Pope's visit.

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When pope Pope Benedict XVI came to New York City in 2008, Lidia Bastianich and chefs from her restaurants Becco, Del Posto, and Felidia prepared a series of meals for the pontif, the cardinals, and their entourage. The menus included dishes like Sicilian-style baked monkfish, ravioli with pears and pecorino, and fancy beef goulash. During his visit this week, Pope Francis will not eat such lavish meals. The Times reports that his "doctor has limited him to dinners of fish and white rice, also to be prepared by guest chefs." No word yet on who those chefs will be, but the world will find out when Francis rolls through NYC tomorrow.

In other Pope Francis news, tons of city streets are going to be blocked off at various points on Thursday and Friday, while the Pope visits the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, the United Nations, an East Harlem school, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Today, a rep for Seamless sends around a notice about how the meal delivery service while operate during Papalmania:

While the Pope is in New York from Thursday through Saturday, Seamless will be in close communication with restaurants in the areas affected by the Pope’s visit. Many restaurants will continue delivering food while some have chosen to amend their hours due to street closures. Our teams are working around the clock to ensure diners are presented with the most up-to-date information.

So, if you're ordering food from one of the areas that's affected by Popemobile street closures, remember to be patient and tip like a champ. Stay tuned for more news on the Pope's dining agenda as it becomes available.

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