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Mighty Quinn's Barbecue Is Coming to the Upper East Side

The UES is getting some legit barbecue for a change.

Nick Solares

By the end of the year, pitmaster Hugh Mangum will open the seventh location of his hit mini-chain Mighty Quinn's Barbecue. The new restaurant will be located at 1492 Second Avenue on the Upper East Side in the space that formerly housed Vermicelli Vietnamese. The menu will be the same as the ones offered at the other locations, which means that it will include the mighty beef rib and the highly regarded brisket. Additionally, there will be a selection of American beers and wines to complement the 'cue as well as outdoor seating come the springtime. There will not be reservations — those are currently only accepted at the West Village location.

There will not be smokers installed at the location, but rather the meats will be prepared off-site and shipped in, as is the case at the West Village and Brookfield Place locations. Mighty Quinn's started off at the Smorgasburg market and has quickly become NYC's largest real smoke barbecue mini-chain. If the barbecue matches that of the other locations, it should be a breath of fresh smoke for the UES, a neighborhood that has not had great 'cue since Pearson's Texas Barbecue shuttered several years back.

Mighty Quinn's Barbecue

1492 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10075, USA