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UrbanSpace Vanderbilt: A Food Hall Featuring Roberta's, Delaney Chicken, Amali, Ovenly, and More

At last, Roberta's has finally found a permanent home in Midtown alongside many other stellar restaurant teams.

Here is a look around the newly minted UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, an oasis of artisanal baked goods, coffee, and gussied up street and comfort foods in the barren dining wasteland that is Midtown Manhattan. You will find some of NYC's most beloved casual restaurants here like Roberta's and The Red Hook Lobster Pound alongside newcomers like Delaney Chicken. Tyler Kord is serving veggie burgers at a No 7. stand, the Ovenly team is selling cookies pieces of Brooklyn blackout cake, and the Amali crew is slicing up gyros.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt is officially open right now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And do please note that the entrances are on 45th Street and Vanderbilt, not Park Avenue. Take a look around and if you happen to stop by, let us know what you think.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10169 (646) 747-0810 Visit Website