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Spicy Fried Chicken Tornado Rips Through Midtown Manhattan

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David Chang and Danny Bowien are teaming up for a new dish at the hottest fried chicken sandwich restaurant in the history of mankind.


Last week, David Chang surprised the universe by opening a table service-only fried chicken sandwich shop on Má Pêche's balcony. Just like its downtown sibling, people are lining up for Fuku+ early and often. But the big difference between the lines at Fuku and Fuku+ is that in Midtown, the queue snakes through Milk Bar, so you can grab a sweet or savory snack before proceeding into the foyer and over to the balcony. All things considered,it's not a bad set-up, especially considering that it's rain-proof and temperature-controlled. In that regard, this line is arguably more tolerable than the one downtown, but a lot slower moving given this branch (confoundingly) doesn't do take-out. That downtown line can get pretty ugly on a hot summer day. As you may recall, the team from Tarallucci e Vino set up a drink stand for Fuku line waiters during a particularly steamy stretch of the summer.

That line is about to get a bit longer today now that David Chang is teaming up with Danny Bowien on a special they're calling "Mission Chinese Fuku Fingers." So that's strips of white meat chicken with Chongqing spice and scallions for $16.

Mission Chinese Fuku Fingers: In collaboration with @momolongplay available exclusively at Fuku+ midtown starting today! @gabrielstab

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Meanwhile, down on Orchard Street, Mission Cantina is serving a "Fuku Finger Crunchy Wrap," which is made with those white meat strips plus "Russ & Daughters salmon-skin chicharróns," pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and buttermilk dressing. One dollar from each $13 sandwich will go to benefit the Edible Schoolyard.

the wedge salad. now at fuku+. @bentonsbacon FTW. ( : chef @c_mdi)

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In other Fuku news, The Food Doc has a good rundown of what to expect from the dine-in experience. One major takeaway: The menu will also include the citrusy Fuku salad, but the second salad option changes all the time. Yesterday, it was a wedge salad.

It's still weird that they don't do take-out though.