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Clarke's Standard Shutters All Stores, Lupulo's Late Night Burger, and More Burger News

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All the burger intel you can fit in a Martin's potato roll.

Nick Solares

Clarke's Standard Shutters

Several tipsters send word that Clarke's Standard has shuttered in Union Square. This marks the final demise of the mini-chain that at one time had five locations in Manhattan. The griddles have cooled and the website has gone dark. Clarke's Standard was a fast casual spin-off of iconic NYC bar P.J. Clarke's. Founded in 2013, it took over the locations of defunct mini-chain Good Burger, which went belly up that year. Despite its roots and sharp graphics, Clarke's Standard's burgers never lived up to the classic at P.J Clarke's.

The Best Bar Burgers in NJ

The New York Times goes on the hunt for the best bar burgers in the Garden State,visiting Zagursky’s Bar & Grill, New Park Tavern, and Krug’s Tavern. Without giving too much away, Marissa Rothkopf Bates discovers that "the places with the tastiest burgers were all on their second or third generation of continued ownership." So, that's something to consider when seeking out a great bar burger. Or bars in general, for that matter.

Will The Real White Label Burger Please Stand Up?

As predicted, Michael White's ostensibly Gallic Vaucluse debuted with "a fancy cheeseburger with beef supplied by star butcher Pat LaFrieda," recently. This marks the fourth incarnation of the White Label Burger, including the now closed Butterfly. Our question is: Which is the real White Label Burger? The original at Ai Fiori is topped with bacon and White American cheese, a similar version is served at Costata, and the new one uses a house-made bun, tomato marmalade, and Fontaine cheese.

Lupulo's Late Night Burger

Finally, George Mendes is now serving a late night burger at Lupulo, his smash hit Portuguese restaurant:

Ultimate Cheeseburger. Introducing the new @lupulonyc #latenightmenu #foodporn #yum @willitsbrad

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