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Shield Your Eyes From Fuku's Sichuan Flatbread — Mere Mortals Were Not Meant to Gaze Upon its Surface

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The new dishes from David Chang's Midtown iteration of Fuku are starting to hit the web.

[The Fuku+ Menu]
[The Fuku+ Menu]
Instagram/Chain of Food

The balcony of Má Pêche is now the second-ever location of David Chang's fried chicken sandwich atelier, Fuku.  There's literally a line out the door right now, and diners are starting to share images of the new dishes on Instagram. For anyone who doesn't have the patience to deal with Fukusanity, remember that there's another David Chang establishment to the left, down the stairs:

Here are some photos of the new dishes that just hit Instagram:

The Minime and the Sichuan Flatbread:


Fuku Bites:


Salt and pepper shrimp

A photo posted by Jon Gregorio (@velosherpa) on

And in case you're wondering, the Minime is just a slightly smaller version of the regular Fuku sandwichIf you have any impressions from opening day of Fuku+, please send them to the tipline.

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