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Superiority Burger Cookbook, Brooklyn's New Vegan Cheese Shop, and More Intel

Moscow 57 reopens as Kapowski's tonight, plus more restaurant news.

[Graydon Carter's The Beatrice Inn. A fine place to grab a drink on this Thursday in early September.]
[Graydon Carter's The Beatrice Inn. A fine place to grab a drink on this Thursday in early September.]
Daniel Krieger

— New York's hottest veggie burger restaurant is spawning a cookbook. Chef/restaurateur Brooks Headley is currently working on The Superiority Burger Cookbook, which is slated to be published by W. W. Norton & Company in 2017. In addition to the veggie burger recipe, the book will include instructions on how to prepare over "100 other creative side salads and desserts." In other Superiority Burger news, Jessica Koslow of LA's wildly popular Sqirl will be cooking some dishes with her team at the restaurant tonight, with proceeds from the specials going to benefit the LES Girls Club.

A new vegan cheese shop called Riverdel is slated to open at 820 Washington Ave in Prospect Heights this fall. The proprietor of the shop tells DNA info: "The idea is really to let people know there’s cheese out there that doesn’t have to be made from dairy...It’s about good food, not about it being labeled as vegan." The store will also sell sandwiches, salads, beer, and wine.

The gate was partially open at Stage Restaurant in the East Village yesterday. The greasy spoon has been closed since the Second Avenue explosion in March. A week or so after that tragic incident, the city served the building a stop work order due to an issue with the gas hook-up in the basement, and the landlord gave the owners of the restaurant an eviction notice. The proprietors of Stage then filed a lawsuit against Icon Reality, which owns the building.  No word yet on whether or not the restaurant will reopen at this address, but it looks like some work is being done on the space right now.

— Here's a plywood shoot of the West Village outpost of Mah Ze Dahr bakery, located at 28 Greenwich Ave:

[Photo by Robert Sietsema]

The bakery has supplied items for Tom Colicchio's Wichcraft chain as well as Intelligentsia Coffee.

The Moscow 57 team partnered with Barramundi restaurateur Tony Powe for a revamp of the Delancey Street restaurant and its menu. Tonight the restaurant will open in its new iteration, dubbed Kapowski's, with a different look and a menu of Russian and Central Asian small plates.

— Desi Chinese food cart Vooter-Adda is back in action on the corner of 46th and Sixth.

Mile End veteran Josh Sobel and Lot 2's Daniel Rojo are revamping the menu at Southside Coffee in Park Slope. The new menu will include fancy breakfast sandwiches and heroes.

The corner of 108th Street and Corona Avenue in Queens is being renamed "Peter Benfarmeo Way" as a tribute to the famed Lemon Ice King of Corona.

At a CB1 meeting this week, a police captain named Leighton Myrie suggested extending the "no vendor zone" around the World Trade Center by one block because the hot dog carts could be theoretically used to hide explosives. Currently, the "no vendor zone" ends at Vesey Street on the north side and Liberty Street on the south side. The plan would have to get approval from the State Legislature before it could go into effect.

An ice pop vendor wants $1 million from the city for an incident in which $1,500 worth of food and four of her carts were confiscated by the DOH.  The vendor, Orfelinda Ariza, rents out an East Harlem Chinese restaurant's basement space for storage. The DOH found her supplies during an inspection of the restaurant and busted her for not having the proper paperwork. A judge dismissed the violations because the DOH employees didn't file the paperwork correctly, and now Ariza is suing the city.

— And finally, here's how to make crispy schnitzel like Eduard Frauneder of Edi & the Wolf:

Superiority Burger

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