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Fried Chicken Sandwich Baron David Chang Launches Fuku+ in Midtown Today

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The fried chicken apocalypse moves to Midtown starting today.

David Chang and his squad of fried chicken sandwich artists are setting up shop in Midtown starting TODAY, Thursday, September 10. Fuku, the hottest chicken sandwich shop on the face of the planet, is expanding to the space in the Chambers Hotel that was previously the Má Pêche Balcony Bar. The new operation, dubbed Fuku+, will have an a la carte menu for walk-in diners, but the big surprise here is that the restaurant will offer party packages for dine-in, which can be purchased via an online reservation site. Also, one more surprise: The menu for walk-ins will feature some BRAND NEW Fuku items, along with dishes from the downtown original. Team Momo has not revealed what these specials might be, but perhaps Mr. Chang will debut his Fuku fingers....

This is not a time to eat salads, even though the one served at Fuku is pretty great. It's the third day of the first post-summer week, and David Chang is giving Midtown a gift of crispy chicken sandwiches. You know what to do.

Fuku + will be open from noon to 4 p.m., and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily, on the space at 15 West 56th St. Reservations will be available one week in advance, and the site will go live at 10 a.m. today. Stay tuned for more updates from the eye of the fried chicken storm as they become available.

UPDATE: The site is now live. Here are the details on the party packs:

UPDATE 2: Here's the walk-in menu, including the new items.  Sichuan pork flatbread?

Are those "Fuku bites" the final version of Fuku fingers? Possibly.

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