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Pete 'YOLO' Wells Gives Superiority Burger Two Stars

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He doesn't even like the veggie burger that much!

Nick Solares

As of this afternoon, Brooks Headley's tiny, evenings-only veggie burger stand, Superiority Burger, has more New York Times stars than Lafayette or Le Cirque. Pete Wells thinks the signature item here is okay — it "takes you almost all the way, then stops" — but he's really impressed by the always-changing vegetable-based side dishes, gelati, and sorbets. The restaurant actually reminds him of another celebrated East Village establishment during its heyday:

New ideas fly through the kitchen so quickly, you can almost hear them buzz by. This is what elevates Superiority Burger above what it appears to be at first glance, a Shake Shack for vegetarians. And it’s why going back regularly, as I’ve been doing, is an adventure. The avid experimentations of Mr. Headley and his cooks remind me of what was going on in the first year at Momofuku Noodle Bar, when David Chang and Joaquin Baca were on the edge of giving up and came back by cooking as if it were their last chance.

Wells especially loves the Sloppy Dave sandwich, the veggie cheesesteak, and the cucumber salad, which was created by  sous chef Julia Goldberg.

Have you been to Superiority Burger? Do you think it's worthy of two stars? Vote below, and share your thoughts in the comments:

Superiority Burger

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