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Michael White's French Restaurant Vaucluse Is Now Open on UES

The Marea chef brushes up on his French at this new restaurant in the old Park Avenue Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring Space.

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Here is a look around Vaucluse, the new brasserie-style French restaurant from chef Michael White. Occupying the old Park Avenue Winter/Summer/Etc. space at 100 East 63rd St. the restaurant has been completely renovated, including a complete overhaul of the kitchen. While White is best known for his string of hit Italian restaurants this is perhaps a logical extension of his dabbling with the food of the French Riviera at Ai Fiori. The kitchen is helmed by Marea's Jared Gadbaw and the menu is mostly French with the exception of a cheeseburger and a pasta dish. There are two dining rooms with approximately 80 seats in each, as well as a lounge and bar area connecting the two. Down the road there will be a private event space available that will host up to 32 guests. Vaucluse is now officially open for business. take a look at the handsome space above and the menu below:

Vaucluse Menu


100 East 63rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10065 (646) 869-2300 Visit Website