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66-Year-Old Gramercy Slice Shop Frank's Pizza Express Has Been Dark for a Week

A sign says there's an issue with the oven, but calls go unanswered.

Nick Solares

The gate at longtime Gramercy staple Frank's Pizza Express has been down for a week with a sign saying that the team is having issues with the oven and will return soon. But, calls to the shop go to a Verizon message saying "the person you have dialed is not available at this time" and the delivery section of the restaurant's website says "Unfortunately, we are not open for delivery/pickup at this time. Please visit us again soon."

Though Frank's is not at the top of any "best of" lists, the restaurant certainly has its fans. Nick Solares, writing for Serious Eats in 2011 called it "an authentic neighborhood pizzeria," which is "something of an endangered species" these days.

frank's pizza express

Frank's Express Pizza

127 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 (212) 979-5469 Visit Website