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Cat Fans, Line Up. New York Will Get Its Second Cat Cafe Next Month on the LES

Koneko is already taking reservations for "catnaps."

Cats play in a maze of cubbies at Meow Parlour, the city's first cat cafe.
Cats play in a maze of cubbies at Meow Parlour, the city's first cat cafe.
Marguerite Preston

For all of those cat people who have struggled to snag a reservation at the city's first white hot cat cafe Meow Parlour, there will soon be another option. A cat cafe called Koneko, which means kitten in Japanese, is planning to open next month on the Lower East Side, reports Bowery Boogie, and is already taking $15 reservations for hour-long "catnaps." "We think there should be a place where people can relax, be inspired, and celebrate cats and their inner Cat Person," says the team on their website. They're not the only ones. More than 20 cat cafes have opened around the country since the first stateside one appeared on the scene in Oakland in October 2014. When Meow Parlour opened in last winter, reservations were booked months ahead of time.

At Koneko, the space will have a few tables and a bar and what the site calls "a first-of-its-kind outdoor Cat Garden." Unlike at Meow Parlour, food will be served on the premises (at Meow it's purchased in a separate space nearby). The owners plan to offer coffee and pastries in the morning and Japanese fare like chilled tofu, and chirashi, in the afternoon — though it's unclear how this will work with DOH regulations.

For patrons who simply can't say goodbye to the kitties, keep in mind, they're all looking for a nice home.


26 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 (646) 370-5699