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McDonald's New Burger Contraption, Butcher's Daughter Expansion, and More a.m. Intel

Everything you need to know about New York dining today, Tuesday, August 4, 2015.

[The cafe counter at Marlow & Sons.  What if you left your computer and went here right now? The pastries literally just came out of the oven.]
[The cafe counter at Marlow & Sons. What if you left your computer and went here right now? The pastries literally just came out of the oven.]
Daniel Krieger

— The McDonald's on Third Avenue near 58th Street is home to NYC's first-ever "Create Your Taste" burger kiosk. This is a new service that the burger chain is testing out to appeal to millennials, who would rather spend their cash on Chipotle where there's a bevy of ingredients to choose from and the food is vaguely healthy. With this new Micky D's machine, guests punch in their order at a giant kiosk and then the burger is delivered to the table. Unlike a regular combo meal, this one comes with an open-faced burger and fries in a little metal basket. Also, customers can choose new fancy toppings like sliced jalapeños and caramelized onions, plus seven sauces. The chain is rolling out these kiosks all over America right now.

— The team behind popular Nolita juice bar/vegan restaurant The Butcher's Daughter has applied for a liquor license for the space at 581 Hudson St., which is currently home to Meme Mediterranean. Last month, the owners of Meme announced plans to expand to Hell's Kitchen, so maybe they're actually just relocating. More details on the new project from the Butcher's Daughter team as it becomes available. Update: The Butcher's Daughter team is actually moving into the old Doppio space, which shares a street address with Meme. That restaurant is still going strong!

— Here's a peek inside the kitchen of Michael White's new French restaurant in the old Park Avenue space at 100 East 63rd St:

La Cuisine @vauclusenyc @altamareagroup @jaredgadbaw

A photo posted by Michael White (@chefbianco) on

Word on the street is that Vaucluse is slated to open in approximately two weeks.

— Over the weekend, a rumor popped up on Facebook that Roll 'n' Roaster was going to close. It's totally false. Nothing to it. But DNAinfo reports that the restaurant received over a hundred calls from worried fans over the weekend, and the Facebook rumor got shared over a thousand times.

— Robert Sietsema spotted this sign in Jackson Heights yesterday outside an employment agency:

[Photo: Robert Sietsema]

Eater's critic notes: "Pizza men make the most ($700 a week), while dishwashers (lavaplatos, literally, plate washers) make the least ($460 a week). Note that there is no word in Spanish for pizza man or for bus boy."

— At some point over the next few weeks, East Village Cheese Shop will move to its new home at 80 East Seventh St.

— The owners of candy-colored Bushwick oddity King Noodle drastically overhauled the dining room and the menu not too long ago. Instead of Dorito-topped kimchee carbonara, now the restaurant serves items like spicy coconut-braised chicken, and grilled pork skewers with peanuts. Sietsema put that kimchee carbonara on his "worst dishes of 2013" list, by the way.

— Tonight, Finger on the Pulse will host its final BBQ Blowout of the summer at Good Co. in Williamsburg, with food by Reynard's Sean Rembold and a DJ set by Pasternack. Andrew Tarlow will co-host.  Tickets are available online for $10.

— The cast of the Fantastic Four and Mikhail Baryshnikov had dinner at Bondt St. the other night, at separate tables.

— And finally, here's how to make Black Seed-style bagels at home: