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Mermaid Inn UWS Moves Down the Street to Make Way for Pizzeria Gesto

Neapolitan-style pizzas are coming to the Mermaid Inn UWS space.

[The Mermaid Inn UWS]
[The Mermaid Inn UWS]

The Mermaid Inn owner and JG Melon partner Danny Abrams, and former Raoul's managing partner Cindy Smith are gearing up to open Pizzeria Gesto this November in the space at 568 Amsterdam that housed one of The Mermaid Inn locations. The restaurant will serve individual Neapolitan style pizzas, as well as four or five pastas, four or five meat and fish dishes, and an Italian wine list. "We will also have a wide range of appetizers and antipasti,'' assures Abrams. "I live on the Upper West Side and there are a lot of pizza places, but I don't think there are a lot of great pizza places.'' Meanwhile, The Mermaid Inn is moving to a larger space next door (at 570 Amsterdam Avenue) that used to be the site of the Mamajuana Cafe. If everything goes according to plan, the move will take place during the second week in September.