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Seamless Meltdown, Blarney Stone Shutters, and More A.M. Intel

Can you guess which neighborhood has the most outdoor cafes? Find out that piece of info, along with more dining news below.

[The dining room at Public.  When was the last time you dined here? It's still hopping.]
[The dining room at Public. When was the last time you dined here? It's still hopping.]
Daniel Krieger

Seamless went down on Saturday night, sending diners all across the city into a state of panic. The system was accepting orders and charging cards, but the information was not getting sent to the restaurants. People calling the customer service line had to wait on hold for over an hour to check on the status of their orders. The issue resolved itself by the end of the night, and everything's been smooth sailing ever since. Here are some of the best quips from Twitter:

— The Blarney Stone at 307 West 47th St. closed over the weekend due to a rent hike and issues with the landlord. Gothamist notes that this was part of a local chain that once had 34 locations across the city. Now there's only one location left at 11 Trinity Place in the Financial District.

Jonathan Waxman, the chef behind Barbuto and Midtown hot spot Jams, is a Paula Deen apologist. The chef tells the Daily News: "She’s a misunderstood person...She was brought up the way she was brought up, and she just can’t edit herself. But she really is a nice and brave person who has been through a lot. People should forgive her now."

A bodyguard who worked for Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown is suing the management of Chelsea club Marquee over an incident that occurred there last summer. The suit alleges that a manager approached the bodyguard with an offer to supply his clients drugs and high-end prostitutes. The guard, whose name is Kiran Newtown, declined the offer and went downstairs to chat with an employee. The manager allegedly threw a drink in Newton's face, which sparked a fight that damaged his eye. Now he's suing the club for $1 million.

The city just unveiled a new interactive map that shows sidewalk cafe licenses across all five boroughs. The guide lists both current and pending applications, with information about the number of tables and chairs, plus DOH grades. According to the data, the CB2 zone — Soho and Greenwich Village — has the most cafe seating of any area in NYC.

— Watch Blanca/Roberta's chef Carlo Mirarchi tear up the city with his Roberta's homies and the team from Mission Chinese in the latest edition of Chef's Night Out.

— Look what's coming to Ridgewood, just two doors down from Dunkin' Donuts:

[Photo: Tipline/Reader Brett]

— And speaking of Starbucks, the chain wants to add beer and wine at two of its Financial District locations. A rep will go before the CB1's SLA licensing committee this evening to rally support for licenses at 1 Battery Park Plaza and 55 Broad St.

— Excellent mom-and-pop restaurant East Village Thai is going on a two week-vacation starting today. The restaurant has taken similar late summer breaks in the past.

— The tour rider for DJ/nightlife heavy Steve Aoki includes an inflatable raft with room for three people, and six frosted vanilla sheet cakes.

PR mastermind Rick Berman has launched a campaign against the $15 minimum wage upgrade for fast food workers. The centerpiece is a billboard in Times Square that shows a slacker kid with the tagline: "What? I get $30,000 a year with no experience or skills?" Gothamist notes that Berman has earned the nickname "Dr. Evil" in some circles for campaigns supporting high-fructose corn syrup, and bashing the indoor smoking ban.

Novak Djokovic had dinner at John McDonald's Sessanta in Soho over the weekend, while Rafael Nadal hit up Armani Ristorante in Midtown.

— And finally, here's how to make Middle Eastern spreads like Einat Admony:


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