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Hamptons Cronut Party Nearly Ruined by Flat Tire

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A truck with extremely precious cargo go stuck on the LIE this afternoon.

[Dominique Ansel working at Dominique Ansel Kitchen earlier this summer.
[Dominique Ansel working at Dominique Ansel Kitchen earlier this summer.]
Nick Solares

Those who attended the 10 a.m. reception for this morning's "Stirring the Pot'' event, hosted by Florence Fabricant with guest Dominique Ansel at East Hampton's Guild Hall, were hotly anticipating a breakfast treat of Cronut holes, but had to content themselves with local muffins and fruit instead. The car carrying the prized pastries had a flat tire and was stuck on the LIE with its precious cargo. Fortunately, the Cronuts arrived as the event ended, and hundreds of guests were handed the much hyped hybrid as they exited the hall.

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