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One Dead, Three Injured After Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Restaurant Shooting

The gunman is on the loose.


A dispute at the hookah lounge inside Ali's Roti Shop in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens turned deadly last night when one unidentified man pulled out a gun and sprayed bullets into the restaurant. One of the men in the dispute got hit in the head and the torso. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital, but died 35 minutes after the incident. Three people in the restaurant were also hit by bullets. According to the Daily News, they are currently in stable condition at Kings County Hospital. A security guard at the restaurant tells the NYDN: "Everyone just started running. They were trying to get out any way they could, running out the front, back, side — however they could get out."  The incident occurred around 3 a.m.

The gunman is still on the loose, and the police have not released the name of the man that died.