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Maman's Tribeca Expansion, Mourning the Loss of The Palm, and More Intel

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1Oak is back in action after a seven day hiatus, plus more restaurant and nightlife news.

[Virginia's in the East Village, a fine choice for dinner this evening.]
[Virginia's in the East Village, a fine choice for dinner this evening.]
Daniel Krieger

— Maman — the Soho French cafe you've possibly seen on Instagram if you follow a bunch of food bloggers — is expanding to Tribeca. The team has applied for a liquor license in the space that previously housed Maslow 6 wine bar. Tribeca Citizen notes that two of the owners live in the neighborhood.

—Jeremiah Moss, the blogger behind Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, responds to the news of The Palm's closure and the white-washing of its famed cartoon murals:

You can't buy this kind of uniqueness, it has to grow organically and mature over time--over a century of time. But we're living in a fucked up city where fucked up people do fucked up things like destroy art, culture, and history--all in one fell swoop if they can manage it--just to replace it with something banal and miserable from the monoculture of the day.

Brooks Headley is adding an extra day of service at his popular East Village vegetarian restaurant Superiority Burger. Starting next week, the shop will be open Wednesday through Monday for dinner. The chef also tells EV Grieve: "We will go to seven days very soon...Lunch and delivery are a little further off."

Chelsea mega-club 1Oak is back in action after a state-imposed seven-day hiatus. The club's owners have beefed up the security detail — now there's 12 bouncers outside checking i.d.'s and controlling the crowds — but the neighbors are not happy about its return. One NIMBY tells the Daily News: "It’s been heaven with them gone...Now it’s (going to be) like a rave in the streets again. I go to work very early in the morning and they’re spilling out, going to Artichoke Pizza (next door), which has become like another club in itself."

According to papers filed with the CB3, Gramercy Park Hotel creative director Damion Luaiye is planning a new bar called Et Al in the space that's currently home to the Experimental Cocktail Club. The fancy bar opened approximately three years ago, but now it looks like the owners are selling off their assets.

— When he's not at El Cortez or The Commodore, Stephen Tanner basically just eats at Checkers. Here's the chef on the vibe at his Williamsburg restaurant:

The Commodore is pretty rough on a Friday night. It gets super packed, and it’s usually packed with people that I don’t really want to be around. I don’t mean any offense to those people — it’s just not for me. That night I probably stayed at home with the dogs and played guitar, which is normally what I do. It’s my favorite thing to do.

Tanner drops acid during his Grub Street diet, but most of the time he's either sleeping or cooking for his girlfriend.

Ligaya Mishan is a big fan of Caribbean newcomer Food Sermon in Crown Heights: "A salad of mango and apples with a tracery of walnuts and blue cheese is beautiful and ephemeral, its season soon to end. But macaroni pie, a richer, firmer mac and cheese, is forever."

— The Ripper is hanging out in Marseille with his bud Anthony Bourdain right now:

This new guy working the register is NOT working out. #PartsUnknown #Marseille #soon

A photo posted by anthonybourdain (@anthonybourdain) on

— And finally, here's Hugh Acheson cooking a nacho recipe from Kris Jenner's book:

Superiority Burger

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