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Señor Frog's Is Now Kicking This Party into Overdrive at 11 Times Square

His parents are out of town, he's got a fake I.D., and Señor Frog is throwing the biggest party this town has ever seen.

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Instagram/Senor Frogs

Move over La Grenouille, because there's a new restaurant frog in town. This one doesn't bake airy soufflés, but he does know how to shake up a mean margarita. After what seems like eons of construction, New York's first ever location of Mexico-based party bar chain Señor Frog's is now rocking and rolling at 11 Times Square. Tomorrow is technically the big grand opening, but the fiesta is already underway. For those that have never been to one of these establishments before, imagine a cross between Chevy's Fresh Mex, Van Halen's Jump video, that IO Digital Cable commercial from 2008, and a Spuds Mackenzie poster.

Señor Frog's NYC!!! Totally open!! Come check out our specials!! #NewYork #Drinks #Shots #SenorFrogs #timessquare

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The menu includes Mexican comfort food like nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and chimichangas, plus burgers, barbecue dishes, pastas, and salads—  basically, something for everyone at your table, even your co-worker that wants a blue cheese wedge. The drinks menu includes all sorts of tropical shots and frozen concoctions, some of which are available in giant plastic tubes.

Stay tuned for an up-close look from inside the party spot of the century tomorrow. And until then, take a peek at the food menu:

Senor Frogs

Senor Frogs

11 Times Square, New York, NY